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NEOLand is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NEOLand is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun, but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election! Take part in a campaign and be the Lord of your continent!

Introduction of NEOLAND

NEOLAND is a brand new continent in the NeoWorld virtual world, based on NeoWorld’s virtual world engine technology and NEO’s blockchain technology. NEO will be used as the main currency in NEOLAND and residents of NEOLAND will achieve a high level of automony via the application of NEO’s blockchain technology. NeoWorld’s special economy zone is coming and nothing is impossible for the adventurers!

Land auction using NEO as the currency

From 27 Dec onwards, NEOLAND will start its first land auction, with NEO as the currency for bidding and transaction. Land owners can construct a vartiety of buildings and facilities, host friends and having parties, and start creating a business empire from there!

Building and generating income based on NEO

As the main currency, construction costs, income and transactions will mostly be denominated in NEO. As NEOLAND has a complete economy system, users can even form guilds, business groups or even companies to collaborate to undertake more ambitious projects!

Community self-governance based on NEP5 blockchain technology of NEO

NEO’s blockchain technology empowers the creation of a NEP5 standard token, similar to ROs of NeoWorld, representing the continental rights of the NEOLAND. Holders of the continental tokens can exercise their voting rights to decide how the continent is ruled and regulated and also benefit from the economic surplus of the continent!


Compared to traditional sandbox games, NEOLand focues on users experience and sets no barries for users to learn. Social interactions and managing businesses are the key themes in the NEOLand virtual world, giving rise to unlimited possibilities to creative-minded users.

Build and Operate

Land parcels are fundamental to the NEOLand. Player can construct buildings on the land to increase the value of their land, and garner attention from the virtual world. Over time, as the land prosper, more constructions like tourist attractions or miracles can be built to further enhance the value of the land.

Collect and Work

Regardless an user’s wealth in the NEOLand, he will be able to enjoy the virtual world experience as any other player. In the journey, he is able to collect materials necessary for construction of buildings, and offer his labour and time to others in exchange for NASH. Skillsets come into play if an user wishes to excell in a trade.

Collaborate and Promote

In the Silver Age, users could develop contents, e.g. artistic decorations, architectual designs, music and paintings, and sell them for income. Advanced users could organise resources to develop complex businesses, e.g. advertising, exchanges, or anything with commercial value. Let’s growth a business empire!

Avatar and Transport

Like in the real world, a NEOLand resident has his own avatar to reify his actions and represent his identiy. Similarly,has introduced the concept of distance. Residents could walk from one land parcel to another, or take the public transport, or hop on the private vehicle to start a journey!


NEOLand continents are regulated by the lord and its committee, elected by the residents of each continent. Continents compete for population, job opportunities and economic growth. Friendly ties between continents will ensure mutually beneficial businesses, or a trade war is imminent.

User Generated Contents

Users of NEOLand could design and contribute contents to the virtual world, e.g. designing a new theatre, decorate it and hire comedians to perform, and sell tickets! User generated contents will be reviewed and approved by the community, and content contributors will get rewarded generously.



NEOLand Related questions and answers
How do I get in the game?

At present, the NEOLAND is only available for PC. Users need to download a file package, unpack it and run NEOLAND.exe to get in the game. At the same time, we also provide an Android version of mobile game assistance APP, for users to better manager their in-game assets.

What are the system requirements for the NEOLAND? How large is the installation package?

For now, the NEOLAND is PC only and unavailable for Mac. Users need to download a 60M installation file. Additional game resources will be released on a dynamic basis.

Recommended Computer configuration for the NEOLAND

Recommended PC configurations:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Graphics card: GTX 750 Independent Graphics Card or more advanced graphics cards
OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit)
Driver: DirectX 9.0c

How to get building materials?

As you explore the NEOLAND, you will find numerous timber, stone and steel in the wilderness. You may collect the resources and receive corresponding buildings materials. Collection of resources of will cost vitality. If the resources collected are on a piece of land belonging to a user, , theowner will also receive a portion of building materials. In the beginning, resources can be found all over the continent. However, resources will not be renewed once collected. In later stages, users may continue to obtain building materials by working in manufacturing buildings.

Why is the “Change Outfits” function so simple? Why is it that the NEOLAND does not sell outfits?

The Avatar system in the NEOLAND will be very powerful. It will allow users to change clothes and appearances, as well as the avatar 3D model, e.g. figure shapes and hairstyles. More importantly, users will be able to design their avatars and upload to the virtual world, to be used by themselves or sell to others. The UGC system is estimated to be launched in Q4 of 2018.
Unlike the prevailing item-selling based business model in the gaming industry, the NeoWorld team does not produce or sell any items directly to users for profits. We hope to empower users create and sell items to other users.

What is the difference between NEOLAND and NeoWorld?

NEOLAND is an independent continent in the NeoWorld the virtual world and colaboration between the NeoWorld team and NEO the blockchain technology company. In addition to NEOLAND, NeoWorld the virtual world has five other continents, which are accessable and interconnected to NEOLAND via in-game transports. NEOLAND uses NEO as the main currency and NeoWorld Cash (NASH) is used on other continents of NeoWorld. For more information on NeoWorld the virtual world, please refer

How do I get NEO or NASH?

NeoWorld the virtual world is not an exchange and does not provide trading of crypto currencies. Users can obtain NEO or NASH in other crypto exchanges or via other means. NEO is traded on major exchanges and the main exchanges for NASH are as follows:

What technology do NEOLAND and NeoWorld use?

NeoWorld Cash and a few other key elements of NeoWorld the virtual world are based on Ethereum. NEOLAND is based on NEO’s blockchain technology and will use NEP5 as a standard within. NeoWorld as the operator of the virtual world will customise continents according partnering companies’ technology to showcase the techinical advantages of its partners as well as provide a virtual space for their commuity.

Do we get any points if we share our referral link?

Yes. Please refer to for details. Generally, we encourage users to bring in friends and form groups, so as to take on more ambitious tasks and projects in the virtual world. In the way people form organsations or companies to work collaboratively for businesses, new ventures or simply brain storming ideas, you can do the same in NEOLAND and NeoWorld!

When is the next auction?

There are 9 parts of NEOLAND in total and the next auction will be for the 2nd piece of land in NEOLAND. In principal, a new land will be opened up when the one preceding it is fully developed or populous, based on the development index of the piece of land. The operation team will monitor closely the developments and notify the community in advance when another auction is coming. The details on conditions to opening a new piece of land will be released in future upgrates as well.

Is there a chat in the game? do you have community chat for landowners?

There are in-game chat channels, such as world channels, continental channels, near-by people channel, etc. In addition, please join our telegram group: to meet more people and have better support. Other than the official telegram group, there are other channels and chat groups set up by users voluntarily on telegram, wechat, QQ, etc. please check with experience players in the NeoWorld to find out more!

How do I register? How do I get a registration link?

To become a resident of the NeoWorld or NEOLAND, you have to firstly, register at the official website with a mobile phone via an invitation link; secondly, download from the official website a PC client (either the full-version or a loader) to launch the game. You can play the NeoWorld right away after registration, and for NEOLAND, a new continent of NeoWorld, it will be launched tentatively only on 19 Jan. Invitation links can be obtained from existing players who are qualified to invite others, or from partnering companies like NEO for NEOLAND.

How much do buildings cost? Or if you owe the land they are free?

In NEOLAND, owning a piece of land is a start, meaning that you can construct a whole variety of buildings to create your business, and establish your empire by managing them. The cost of buildings, similar in NeoWorld, varies according to their type, function, attributes, and generally requires NEO and materials for the construction.

How much capacity can one piece of land handle?

Each piece of land in NEOLAND is the same as that in the NeoWorld, 100x100 grids. A player can build tens of normal buildings on it, for instance, 25 material factories can be accommodated in a piece of land. You should take note that there is a cap for the maximum number of different type of buildings in one piece of land, and the cap is determined by a number of factors, such the function, type and attributes of the buildings, in addition to its size.

What about handling import and export of material between NEOLAND and NeoWorld?

In NEOLAND, ports can be constructed in coastal lands, and players can ship material from NeoWorld to NEOLAND by paying the owner of ports some fees. The reciprocal feature will be upgraded in NeoWorld as well.

What is NRO? How do I get and use them?

NRO is a token based on NEO’s NEP5 standards and represents the voting power of NEOLAND. NRO is also required for the construction of certain special buildings. There will be no pre-sale of NRO and they will only be generated from NRO mining machines. Every time a new area of NEOLAND is opened, 10% of the NRO will be released, till all the 9 areas of NEOLAND are opened. The final 10% will be released when the lord of NEOLAND is elected.

Is there a spawn coordinate for NEOLAND?

When NEOLAND is online, there will be a statue on the most expensive land bid during the auction as a memorial feature. In addition, a special building can be built on a CBD land. Users who registered with NEOLAND invitation link will spawn randomly from the above two areas. The spawning rules will be further modified as NEOLAND upgrades periodically.

Is there a mobile version?

A mobile version of NeoWorld/NEOLAND will be launched tentatively in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2019. For the time being, players with large amount of in-game assets can download a mobile assistant from the official website to better manage his land parcels, properties and income.

When will the marketplace of resell of lands open?

When EOSLAND is online, players can go into the MAP system in the PC client portal to trade land parcels. The trading rules are the same as that for NeoWorld and are available in the English NeoWorld Manual in the official website. The trading system will be upgraded recently, however, to support more robust feature such as auction of a piece of land by the owner.

Can I connect two nearby parcels to a bigger one?

No. Each land in NEOLAND or NeoWorld is an independent one and will not be joined or divided. However, you can plan your connected land parcels as one piece when you are designing for the area.

What are special buildings and where can I read about special buildings?

Special buildings include buildings with special functions, such as airport, and buildings exclusively available in NEOLAND. For instance, airport can be built on coastal lands and NEO dedicated buildings can be built in CDB lands. NEO dedicated buildings are buildings exclusive to NEOLAND and not available in other continents of NeoWorld. NEO and other materials are used for the construction. Details of the special buildings will be announced in the official website before they are available.

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