Recruit Neoworld Community Partners


If you are KOL in blockchain, game communities, or just among bunch of passionate young souls, and you are willing to spend your time with Neoworld to build and create a popular blockchain game community, you are welcomed to apply to become Neoworld Community Partner. Number of partners is limited; we will continuously review the applications and open vacancies for qualified KOL.

1.Duties of Community Partner
1)Create a Neoworld related WeChat/QQ/telegram/WhatsApp/Line group
2)Share and promote Neoworld to attract more people to join your group
3)Properly distribute Neoworld invitation code to people who want to experience the virtual world
4)Guide newbies to setup and get familiar with the game
5)Serve the community, and maintain a good community atmosphere

2.Rights of Community Partner
1)Contact details of community will be shown on Neoworld official website and promoted
2)Appointed channel to distribute invitation code
3)Avatar name with V sign
4)Receive rewards according to contribution every month
5)Eligible as candidate for annual best community partners

3.Basic requirements
Neoworld operation team will consider candidates with follow criteria:
1) Time spent in the game and current active level. We recommend applicants to gain enough experience in Neoworld. It is necessary to have good understanding of how the game works.
2) Applicant is contributing in the existing community. Priority is given to candidate recommended by active community partners.
3) Applicant owns at least one game related social group(wechat,QQ,Telegram,whatsapp,line).Applicant may include funding members of your community, and their active level in the game. These could be good bonus points.
4) Applicant’s assets and return in Neoworld
5) Applicant’s thought on game updates and improvement suggestions.

4.Describe your achievements in Neoworld
1)Describe your achievements in Neoworld
2)Describe your influence in blockchain community, game community, and/or live streaming community.
3)Describe your plan to create your own community when you become a partner
4)Please send the above information to for application.
Please send the above information,for application.

5.Partner Assessment
1)DAU/MAU of community
2)Activation rate of invitation code
3)Retention rate of invited users and performance in game
4)Any dishonor or cheating behavior
5)Based on assessment result, Neoworld may grant Gold Partner, Silver Partner, and etc

Partner List